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Freelance Web Graphic Designer

Web Graphic Designer

Web Designer Milan

My name is Sergio and I am a professional web designer, graphic designer, and motion graphic designer . I can help you tell the story of your business online, through a website, logo and promotional material.

Design leggero e pulito

Light and Clean
Minimalist design: your website will have an immediate impact and intuitive navigation.

Graphic and Developer

Designer and Developer
Designer and developer in one, to guarantee you a complete web project nimbly.

Experienced Web Designer

Very Experienced
20 years of experience in the web industry: expertise and reliability for the success of your project.

Rapido e Preciso

Quick and Accurate
Speed and accuracy: I deliver the project on time, with transparency and no nasty surprises.

Seo con Stile

Seo and Stile
I provide you with a website that is not only well ranked on search engines, but also eye-catching.

Web Design and Graphics Services in Milan

Since 2001 until today, I have developed cross-functional skills as a Freelance Graphic and Web Designer. I can offer you, in addition to services such as the Creation of Web Sites, Landing Pages, Showcase Sites, E-Commerce Sites, also the design or restyling of your Logo, the Creation or improvement of your Visual Identity with integrated communication artifacts for Print and Digital. I also do Motion Graphic Design to give the right creative boost to your social promotions and advertising campaigns. All this to ensure you have a professional online presence.

Logo and Visual Identity

If you are starting a project and looking for an image that represents you, I can help you give life to your ideas through the creation of an effective and professional logo and visual identity.

Websites development

A website is a business card but also a store, a showcase, a display space, an archive, all just a click away. I take care of organising your online presence in an optimal way for you and your visitors.

E-commerce development

Want to start selling online? I can help you create your e-commerce site with WooCommerce and teach you the role of Shop Manager to manage your shop independently and easily start selling online.

Premium WordPress Designer and Trainer

Ad hoc training

I have been working with WordPress for 10 years. With this tool I can implement your ideas with great flexibility, offer solutions, and then train you so that you or your team can update your website autonomsly, at any time.

This service is not an extra but is included in every job. My clients are happy to be able to implement their website without always having to resort to the web designer.


Guiding you on how to implement Web page optimization to your site. After a careful analysis of your position, taking into account the basic rules of  on-page SEO. Including the identification of the search intent and ‘long tail’ keywords that will diversify your competitors and boost create your visibility.


Optimising the website with tools such as Google Page Inside, Pingdom and GT Metrix to check requirements and to improve parameters and correct any errors. A website that looks good but is slow is the same as having no website at all. Loading speed from desktop and mobile is among the parameters that enhance the indexation of your website.


Website security is crucial, especially for those who want to start a business and sell online. An e-commerce business cannot do without this aspect. The choice of reliable hosting, https protocol, SSL certificates and plugins such as Sucuri Security, iThemes Security, Wordfence etc. play a key role.

  • Easyboats
  • Matteo Beltrama
  • Dolce Vita Live
  • Bramante editrice
  • Il Sogno di Aria
  • Paul Eastwood
  • The Ethnic Home

Freelance Web Graphic Designer


I always try to approach a project by getting to the essentials of everything. Over the years I have realised that there is a timeless elegance and it is called discretion.

I introduce myself

I’m Byron

you can also call me Sergio, I have a degree in Industrial Design with a Master in E-design for network designers from the Politecnico di Milano. Since then I started creating websites made with Flash, then in Html and later in Joomla, up to the present day with WordPress.

With over 20 years of experience in the web field, I have gained many skills in the industry.

Today I am a freelance web designer, I live in Milan but work with clients all over Italy and abroad. I deal with web design and graphics and work with  entrepreneurs, brands, communication agencies, and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Freelance Web Graphic Designer
years of experience
turnkey site
completed websites

Perché scegliere me:

  • Design leggero, fresco e pulito

  • Sono smart: rapido e preciso

  • Amico di tutti i browser e device

  • Sono in confidenza con la SEO

  • Ti spiego come gestire il sito

  • Creatività Croccante

I miei clienti:

  • Liberi Professionisti

  • Imprenditori

  • Network e Community

  • Gruppi di progetto

  • Associazioni

  • Agenzie di comunicazione

Logo Creation and Visual Identity

Alcuni clienti e partner con cui ho lavorato:
Renault, Altran, Sternberg Clarke, We are Social, ImgInternet, Mandalaki Design Studio, Octonet, Massimo RojProgetto CMR, Minimumfax Media, Trevor George, GSLive, Dora Binnella, Punctum, AlVolante, InSella, Comalab, PalombaSerafini Associati, eb&c Centro Ricerche Enrico Baleri, Spazio Concept, Up level, BrainCooperation, Ga-Milano

They have given me confidence

a selection of clients with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating:

Freelance Logo Graphic Designer
Freelance Logo Graphic Designer
Freelance Logo Graphic Designer
Freelance Logo Graphic Designer
Freelance Logo Graphic Designer
Freelance Logo Graphic Designer

Freelance Web Graphic Designer


A selection of Trademarks and Logos that I have created since 2014.

dicono di me

Anissia Becerra

Sergio è stato il web designer dei miei sogni: è un professionista eccellente dal punto di vista tecnico, dotato di un raffinato senso estetico, qualità rara nei web designer. Inoltre, è un uomo di squisita gentilezza con cui non si può che andare d’accordo.

Anissia Becerra
Press Journalist, Blogger

5 stars
Carlo Berizzi

Sergio ha fatto un ottimo lavoro con il nostro sito web. Elegante, semplice, facile da usare e da implementare. I nostri ospiti trovano tutto ciò di cui hanno bisogno nel modo più semplice. È stato un ottimo lavoro ed è stato un piacere lavorare con lui. Assolutamente da raccomandare.

Carlo. Berizzi
Università di Pavia

5 stars
Fabrizio Serafini

Sergio è un maestro, un vero Direttore Artistico. Sempre disponibile e ricco di idee brillanti, persona seria ed affidabile.

Fabrizio Serafini
Up Level School

5 stars
Eugene Nunziata

Sul web la bellezza dell’interfaccia va di pari passo con la funzionalità e la fruibilità. Sergio in questo è un artista. Volevamo attraverso il web costruire la nostra identità, e lui ci è riuscito benissimo.

Eugenio Nunziata
Università Luiss

5 stars


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