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Web Site Creation Milan

I specialize in creating websites in Milan and online. A website can be a business card, a store, a storefront, a display space, an archive, all just a click away. I am in the business of organizing this environment in a professional, streamlined and intuitive way for those who visit you. I can offer you effective solutions to turn your visitors into customers through digital marketing strategies and the production of quality content for the web.

Website Creation Milan:

Get your online business off the ground

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for a web designer who can help you create a website in Milan or online remotely. Well, you’re on the right page. You must have happened a thousand times to search the search engines for a professional or a certain service and find it online. This is the power of Seo: To be found.

Today being present with your business on the web is essential, so you need to rely on an expert web designer who can understand in depth what you want and turn it into web pages, images, buttons, architecture, navigation paths.

Creating a website today is simple, with a little curiosity and commitment any of us could make it happen. In this landscape relying on a professional web designer can make all the difference in convincing your user to become a customer, through a professional site.

Website Creation Milan

Website Creation Milan: Choose Quality

The following is a list of features necessary for creating a professional Web site. Making a Professional Web site is a complex task. It is important to rely on a professional who knows how to combine different technical, aesthetic and functional skills to guarantee you an excellent result, emerge online and give value to your business by bringing you profit.

Unique design

Creation of original content and customised design. Your website will be unique.

Autonomous management

I develop the customised WordPress theme and teach you how to implement your site by managing it yourself.

Performance and Speed

Your website will be optimised for best loading performance from both desktop and mobile.


Banner Cookie policy and compliance of all site functions. Compliance with European Regulation No. 2016/679.

Safety and Security

Securing the site by installing a security system that protects against attacks and viruses.

SSL Certificate

Installation of the SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt which protects the integrity and confidentiality of data exchanged with your site.

SEO Optimization

Your site will be optimised to be indexed by search engines. Installation of Google Analitycs to monitor visits.

Responsive Site

Sites adaptable and usable on any form of device: desktop, laptop, handheld, mobile.

Training with Video

At the end of each project I make one or more video tutorials to explain how to implement your site independently.


Web Page Optimization After a careful analysis of your position, I guide you on how to implement your site taking into account the basic rules for on-page Seo. Identifying search intent and “long tail” keywords that can diversify from your competitors by creating your visibility edge.


Website optimization with tools such as Google Page Inside, Pingdom, and GT Metrix to check requirements and to improve parameters and correct any errors. A beautiful but slow website is equivalent to not having a website. Loading speed from desktop and mobile is among the parameters that enhance the indexing of your website.


Website security is critical especially for those who want to start a business and sell online. An ecommerce business cannot disregard this aspect. Choosing reliable hosting, https protocol, SSL certificates and plugins such as Sucuri Security, iThemes Security, Wordfence etc. play a key role.

Website Creation Milan

Navigate better and stand out

Creating Professional Websites Milan

The organisation of content, graphic layout, structure, sections and buttons are all part of the web designer’s skills (UI user interface design). Designing with the UI in mind, i.e. the ergonomics of the site, makes it possible to best combine the graphic aspect with its usability.

When the interface has these characteristics, the user interacts naturally: browse, click, look, choose and why not… buy (UX user experience design). Furthermore, UI and UX are becoming increasingly crucial for SEO. Rely on a seasoned professional.

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  • Matteo Beltrama
  • Dolce Vita Live
  • Bramante editrice
  • Il Sogno di Aria
  • Paul Eastwood
  • The Ethnic Home

Freelance Web Graphic Designer


I always try to approach a project by getting to the essentials of everything. Over the years I have realised that there is a timeless elegance and it is called discretion.

Web Site Creation in Milan: FAQ

I get a lot of requests for quotes, and these are some of the frequently asked questions before we begin the website creation journey.

It depends on the nature of the project. I can only give you approximate numbers. Every project has its specificities. If you want to evaluate your project I can send you a free quote, don’t worry my prices are in line with today’s freelance market prices.

You will have to buy a Hosting with Database, I can guide you in making the right choice for your pocket or your goals. The cost will range from a minimum of 30 eu upwards, depending of course on the chosen features. There might be other costs related to advanced plug-ins and Pro, or for a regular update of your site, in which case contact me for more info.

Let’s start with your Brand, if you don’t have it or want to improve it I can help you build it. If you already have chosen some images that represent you, I can evaluate them and possibly improve them. If you have no images I can access a database of premium ones and find the right mood for your business. You will certainly have drafted some interesting texts and content. Here too I can improve them by finding the right tone of voice and by optimising them for your SEO.

A basic scheme consisting of Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contacts. The basic features are as follows:

  • Custom UI/UX Design
  • WordPress that you manage independently
  • Installation of necessary plug-ins
  • Image optimisation
  • Basic SEO optimisation
  • Securing
  • GDPR Banner Cookies
  • SSL certificate
  • Training Video Tutorials

It depends, if you already have text and images available I can be really quick. However, I am not the kind of web designer who churns out the site in a day. In my work I put passion and attention to detail, there are various optimisations and tests to carry foward. The work I deliver will be designed exclusively for your project without resorting to existing templates. I am against the standardisation of processes, I like to approach the project and capture its uniqueness. If time is short, you have everything ready (I.e. texts and images) and I am available the moment you ask me (I usually work a lot) it can take at least a week. Otherwise I can guarantee the delivery of a complete website in 15 days from the day we start work. I want to spend a lot on your care and satisfaction and therefore mine too. For work worthy of being selected for my Webfolio.

graphic designer

Logo Creation and Visual Identity

Don’t have a logo yet or want to renew your image? This service is for you.

e-commerce designer

E-commerce site development

Do you want to sell online? Are you a merchant and want to bring your shop online?

Vuoi parlarmi della tua idea?

Perché scegliere me:

  • Design leggero, fresco e pulito

  • Sono smart: rapido e preciso

  • Amico di tutti i browser e device

  • Sono in confidenza con la SEO

  • Ti spiego come gestire il sito

  • Creatività Croccante

I miei clienti:

  • Liberi Professionisti

  • Imprenditori

  • Network e Community

  • Gruppi di progetto

  • Associazioni

  • Agenzie di comunicazione

Logo Creation and Visual Identity

Alcuni clienti e partner con cui ho lavorato:
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